Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Steps to Becoming an Uncovered Artistry Artisan

Once you have applied via our website and received a confirmation email from us, please read these steps to becoming a UA artisan:

1. You choose the products you would like to sell with UA and provide the wholesale prices. Please send us a line sheet with this information. UA will markup your product 50% when we sell it online.
2. UA will send you a purchase order for your products. If the wholesale price of your product is over $20, UA may not be able to purchase your products to hold on inventory. If this is the case, see the process "If you products are made-to-order" below.
3. We will photograph your products and put them online.
4. If your products are made-to order: When a customer buys a product, we will send you a PO. You will ship the item to us, and we will package it and ship to the customer.
If you products are not made to-order: We will purchase a large number of your pieces to have on inventory. The number will be determined on a case-by-case basis. When a customer buys a product, we will package it and ship it directly to her.

Please feel free to email Angie at with any questions!

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