Friday, December 31, 2010

Uncovered Artistry Community Update: Crafting for a Cause at Lake Forest College

Earlier this month, The Uncovered Artistry Project hosted their second craft party. The party was held at Lake Forest College with help from the college's Art Club. Students were invited to create jewelry and other crafts that would be donated to the project in order to help keep the project running and to support domestic abuse shelters.

The event was a success with over thirty students attending and many beautiful new jewelry pieces created! Check Uncovered Artistry's shop soon for the new jewelry created by the students.

Uncovered Artistry plans on hosting a second craft party at Lake Forest College in the future.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Entreprenurship Grants Available to Domesitc Abuse Survivors

Verizon, which has been working to end domestic abuse nation-wide through its HopeLine initiative, donated $45,000 to the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) grant program. The program awards grants ranging from $500-$2500 to domestic violence victims to help them start their small businesses.

Domestic abuse not only affects a victim emotionally but also financially. Often, a victim of abuse must leave her home and belongings in order to escape an abuser. For many abuse victims, starting a business may be the first time they have ever experienced financial freedom from an abuser.

"For many domestic violence survivors, escaping an abusive spouse or partner is only half the battle," said Russ Preite, president of Verizon Wireless' Upstate New York Region. "Moving forward and creating an independent, self-sufficient life is a critical next step. It's our hope that the Verizon Domestic Violence Entrepreneurship Program will help some of these women put their hard-won skills to work to successfully bring a small business to life and regain their independence" (quoted from "Verizon Giving Entrepreneuship Grants to Domestic Violence Survivors").

The Uncovered Artistry Project, which operates a boutique that sells the artisan work of domestic abuse survivors, offers microloans to artisans. If an artisan needs funds to continue her craft, she can request a small loan ranging from $25-$200 from UA's microloan fund. Uncovered Artistry believes in OPDV's concept that entrepreneurship can empower victims of domestic and sexual abuse both financially and emotionally.

Said, Marguerite, one of Uncovered Artistry's artisans who sells her work in the online boutique, "I not only survived, but I've overcome, I've learned to forgive, and I've learned patience."

Entrepreneurship leads domestic violence victims to a more fulfilling, self-sustainting life.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meet an Artist: The Midnight Orange

The Midnight Orange is one of Uncovered Artistry's original two artisans. She creates one-of-a-kind sculptures that represent both the difficult and empowering moments in our life. Her On the Edge of Healing Miniature Sculpture is a UA bestseller.

About this piece she says:

"I am struggling past something and it has transcended to my artwork. I apologize to share darkness with anyone, but I do believe that having an emblem of expression can help bring someone through catharsis. These have helped me, and if they can allow someone else to experience that place just prior to healing, then it will have been worth it.

I sculpted this because I got discouraged with people thinking they can look at something with a bird's eye view, listen to a problem loosely, and then tell you what to do to fix it. This is for the person like me who doesn't want anyone else's verbal remedies. This is for the person who knows they need to feel what they are feeling and then struggle past it. And it's for the person who knows they are not ready to move past it yet.

We cannot see how illuminating light truly is when we never allow ourselves to sit in darkness.

You can find more of her work at

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thank You, Volunteers!

The Uncovered Artistry Project is possible thanks to all the volunteers who have committed their time and resources to the project. Thank you!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Uncovered Artistry's Story

Co-Founders, Sarah and Angie, discuss the story behind The Uncovered Artistry Project.
Video created by Anna Kane.

“I was so surprised by how much people did not know and understand about domestic abuse. Already, so many people have thanked me for spreading awareness about domestic abuse. Hearing their gratitude and feeling their support and hope for the future of my project has been the most inspiring part.”
-Sarah, Co-Founder

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet Our Featured Artist: Sweet Petunias

Sweet Petunias has been making (and selling) jewelry since she was 13. She’s taken many art classes through high school and college including metalsmithing and wheel thrown pottery. She’s also enjoyed scrapbooking for years, and a couple of years ago decided to try to sell some paper goods. She came up with the design for her original and fun advent calendars 2 and a half years ago. “It is an extension of my love of scrapbooking and making useful things,” she says.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet Margurite, Our Newest Artisan!

"I use my creations to try to reflect the inner beauty and spirit of the person wearing the jewelry. It reflects their beauty and gives them confidence in who they are as well as helping to heal me. I'm not really sure what you would like in the bio. I'm also the very proud mother of two incredible sons, I taught myself to make jewelry several years ago and am continually evolving and refining the craft. I get my greatest joys (and most healing) from seeing the happiness on someone else's face when they find "that perfect" piece. That is a feeling that is incredibly fulfilling...and addicting!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

20% off + Free Shipping from Nov. 25-29

Buy a Gift. Give an Opportunity.

Buy a gift from Uncovered Artistry Nonprofit Boutique this Black Friday and not only recieve 20% off of orders over $30 and free shipping but a gift that has a unique meaning. Our handmade gifts are created by abuse survivors or donated by generous local artists.
What is the Uncovered Artistry Project? More details here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UA' Newest Event: Craft Party!

On December 2, at Lake Forest College, Uncovered Artistry will hosts its second craft party event. This event is co-sposored by the college's Art Club. Participants will be creating jewelry, artwork, and sculptures to be donated to Uncovered Artistry and sold on our site. Our last craft party was a great success, and we expect another great event in December!
*If you would like to donate your artwork or handmade items to The Uncovered Artistry Project, please email uncoveredaritsry[at!] for more details.

Volunteers make packaing for the online shop in August 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

FAQ for Customers

Who created my product?

One of our talented artisans created your product! To find a list of artisan bios, visit The Artists tab located at Also, a bio of your artisan is written in the product description on the website and will be written on a card along with your purchase. Our artisans are survivors of domestic and sexual abuse as well as donation artisans whose work was donated to the site to help us further our mission.

How will my product be packaged?

Your product will be packaged with recycled packaging whenever possible. With the help of volunteers, we create mailers, gift tags, and other packaging material using repurposed sewing patterns, ribbon, stamps, and greeting cards. Your product will be packaged with care. Included with your product are an artisan bio card, a domestic violence facts card, and an invoice (unless product requested to be sent as gift).

If my item is backordered or made-to-order, when will I receive it?

The shipment of your product from Uncovered Artistry may take up to two weeks. Here’s what happens: we purchase the unique item from the artisan who creates the piece and ships it to us. We quality-check the product, package it, and ship it to you. We attempt to inform you of the status of your product as often as possible.

How much are shipping charges?

We ship by weight. Orders weighing 0-1lb will be charged $2.50. Any order weighing above that amount will be charged $4.50.

Can I ship my product directly to a friend as a gift?

We would love to send your product directly to a friend. During checkout, request that your item be sent as a gift. We will include a gift tag with the recipient’s name, an artisan bio card and domestic violence facts card. We will not include a paper copy of the invoice with a gift purchase.

What should I do if I’ve made an order but closed out of my browser before paying via PayPal?

You have two options. You may either add the items back into your cart (which will now be empty) and continue from there (UA will not charge you twice; we will simply cancel the first order) or you may contact us and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount of your order.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes. Currently, Uncovered Artistry only accepts payments via, which allows you to pay with a credit or debit card.

How do I pay with PayPal?

Once you have checked out and clicked “Place Order” you will be brought to this screen:

If you have a PayPal account, login now. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may “Pay with debit or credit card.”

How long do I have before I must pay for my order?

All orders must be paid for within 3 business days or else order will be canceled. We will do our best to contact you before we cancel your order.

How do I receive a refund?

Contact us a uncoveredartistry[at!] to request a refund. We will send you a refund via Paypal.

Can I return my item?

If the product you received was broken during transport, you may acquire a full refund including shipping costs. Contact Uncovered Artistry at uncoveredartistry[at!], and we will send you a refund via Paypal.

If you are returning product for any other reason, you may return it within 14 days from your purchase date. After this time, we cannot accept returns for any reason. If you are returning a product for any other reason than breakage during transport, you are required to pay for shipment back to Uncovered Artistry. Contact Uncovered Artistry at uncoveredartistry[at!], and we will send you a refund, including original shipping costs, via Paypal once we have received the returned item. Ship your returns to: Uncovered Artistry Boutique PO BOX 503 Hampton Falls NH 03844

Uncovered Artistry Community Update

Over the past several months Uncovered Artistry has been actively involved in the community. Besides donating to our local domestic violence shetler, A Safe Place NH, we have also donated gift certificates to such charity events as Tri Delta's St. Jude's Childrens Hospital 5K Run and Walk, Lake Forest College's "Deal or No Deal" Gameshow (to benefit OxFam International), and Tri Delta's "Tri Hop" (to benefit St. Judes). We are excited to continue our community involvment this holiday season!

Tri Hop, Lake Forest College, 2010

Tri Hop

LFC's Business and Entrepreneur Club's Deal or No Deal Gameshow

Deal or No Deal

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Quick Fashion Tip for College Students: Aviators and T-shirts

If you don't want to blend in the crowd of sweatpants and sneakers, try a pair of inexpensive aviators and a good ol' t-shirt. Paired with Converse and skinny jeans (or a skirt and leggings, or...anything that suits your style), you'll pull off the cool easy look without breaking the bank.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

6 Reasons to Shop Fair Trade

Fair Trade goods of all kind are all around you, and they aren’t expensive either. Have you ever given Fair Trade a try? Below are six reasons to buy Fair Trade today.

Cocoa farming couple Miguel and Maria stand proudly in front of their house in the lush Yamasa region of the Dominican Republic. © 2003 Fairtrade Foundation

So...What is Fair Trade?
Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between global marketers and producers in Asia, Africa, Latin America and other parts of the world. A fair trade partnership works to provide low-income artisans and farmers with a living wage for their work.
- Fair Trade Federation and

1. The Fair Trade system benefits over 800,000 farmers organized into cooperatives and unions in 48

Juanita Baltodano with her daughter and grandchildren
Photo Courtesy of TransFair USA

Fair Trade provides workers with a livable wage so that they can support their families and develope their communities.

2. Fair Trade engages in environmentally sustainable practices and is often linked with organic goods, such as Equal Exchange Coffee, a certified Fair Trade and organic coffee.

Organic Cocoa Nursery
Photo Courtesy of TransFair USA

3. You don't have to travel far to find Fair Trade goods...In fact, you don't have to travel at all! If you're a student, many college cafes now offer Fair Trade coffee options. If yours doesn't, consider organzing a Fair Trade event on campus.

Your local grocery or convience store might offer Fair Trade goods. Whole Foods offers a wide selection. Look for this Fair Trade certification symbol when shopping:

Or shop online at sites like Global Exchange.

4. There are a wide variety of Fair Trade goods available, including: coffee, chocolate, jewelry, handbags, soccer balls, clothing, and more. For a details list of Fair Trade certified products visit Eco Soccer Ball, $34.99

5. Fair Trade goods are NOT more expensive than other goods. Because the middle man costs are eliminated, the cost of Fair trage goods are relatively the same traditionally traded goods. Sometimes, goods like Fair Trade coffee will be priced at gourmet coffee prices in order to provide the producers with a significantly higher wage, but the quality of Fair Trade coffee can easily be compared to gourmet brands (Source:

6. October is Fair Trade month! Make a goal to try new Fair Trade products this month or even host a Fair Trade event in your community.

Websites from this article:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trendy Dresses and a Cool New Online Boutique

Apparently, procrastinating for my microeconomics's midterm can prove to be productive. I ran across this unique new online boutique while browsing Facebook. Thought I'd share. The best part of the site isn't the beautiful, sleek design and cool selection of trendy dresses, but the fact that it was started by entrepreneurial sisters. Sound like anyone else you know? :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stuff We Like: Global Exchange- Fair Trade Gifts

Fair Trade is a growing movement. Everything from Fair Trade coffee to jewelry to soccer balls are available on the market today. If you can buy a quality product at a reasonable price, why not buy it Fair Trade?

What is Fair Trade?
Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between global marketers and producers in Asia, Africa, Latin America and other parts of the world. A fair trade partnership works to provide low-income artisans and farmers with a living wage for their work.
- Source: Fair Trade Federation

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stones & Their Meanings

Each stone seen below can be crafted into a beatiful wire-wrapped necklace in both silver and gold tones by the Uncovered Aritstry Boutique artisan and seller Nigatsu Bebe.

Unakite is said to lift your spirits when you are feeling down. It is also used to uncover deception. Unakite is also called Epidote, from Greek 'epidosis', meaning "growing together". It is red jasper and green epidote naturally bound together.

Fire Agate

Fire agate is known to bring calmness, safety, and security. It also is said to open the base chakra, help overcome addictions and destructive desires, and is otherwise said to aid in resolving problems.

QuartzClear quartz crystal (also known as "poor mans' diamond) is one of the oldest known gemstones, said to also be the most versatile because it amplifies the power of other stones, and is used for healing, clarifying, transforming, and energizing. Easy to cleanse, and is good for receiving and dispelling energy. Quartz crystal is supposed to teach a person on their own level, in their own time, and opens the crown chakra.

Raspberry Quartz

Raspberry Quartz has a raspberry tinge due to the inclusion of lepidocrite, hematite, goethite, or amethyst. It assists in clearing and activating the seven major chakras.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is to help give and receive love. Rose quartz is naturally a pale pink colour, but is often dyed to be a brighter pink. This quartz will be the brighter dyed variety.

Green Aventurine


Rainbow Flourite

Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralise negative emotions. It is also said to help increases concentration and decision-making capabilities.

SodaliteSodalite is said to bring emotional balance, self-acceptance, and thus increases spiritual perception. It is said to tie the head and heart together, harmonising logic and intuition.

Tiger Iron

Tiger iron has bands of tiger-eye, hematite and sometimes jasper. This combination makes it a powerful stone to have. It is a very physical stone and gives the body endurance. It is a good stone for grounding, protection, and self-healing.


Bronzite has a high energy resonance making it a great stone for this fast-paced modern world. It's used to gain certainty and goal-setting, not allowing one to be distracted. It is said to be useful in balancing the Sacral Chakra and in opening the root chakra.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones, said to be a stabilising and securing stone. The yellow color is linked to the brightness of the sun, and is said to ease emotional distress and help you remember the good things in life.

Carnelian Carnelian is one of the most powerful action stones, a driving force of realization and self-motivation! Banishes depression and helps see the "now" of things so that you can get working. Protects against negative energies. The Egyptians combined this stone with lapis lazuli and turquoise to protect against envy and anger.


Sea Opal

HematiteMagnetic hematite is a stone that harmonises the body and mind and is used for protection against negative energy.

Amethyst Amethyst is said to prevent drunkenness in Greek lore. The story goes that Dionysus, the god of wine and drunkenness, was pursuing a maiden named Amethystos. Amethystos had no interest in Dionysus, however, so Amethystos prayed to the gods to remain chaste. The goddess Artemis granted her wish and transformed her into quartz. Humbled by Amethystos's decision, Dionysus poured wine over the stone as an offering, forever tainting the quartz purple.

Stuff We Like: The Recyclery Community Bicycle Project

The Recyclery Community Bicycle Project

"The Recyclery Collective seeks to build community through the restoration of donated and discarded bicycles. We share resources and knowledge in order to support an affordable, independent, and sustainable mode of transportation. In this spirit of education and mutual aid, we encourage discussion about how our transportation choices affect the health of our communities and our environment."

--The Recyclery Mission Statement

Saturday, September 11, 2010