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Stones & Their Meanings

Each stone seen below can be crafted into a beatiful wire-wrapped necklace in both silver and gold tones by the Uncovered Aritstry Boutique artisan and seller Nigatsu Bebe.

Unakite is said to lift your spirits when you are feeling down. It is also used to uncover deception. Unakite is also called Epidote, from Greek 'epidosis', meaning "growing together". It is red jasper and green epidote naturally bound together.

Fire Agate

Fire agate is known to bring calmness, safety, and security. It also is said to open the base chakra, help overcome addictions and destructive desires, and is otherwise said to aid in resolving problems.

QuartzClear quartz crystal (also known as "poor mans' diamond) is one of the oldest known gemstones, said to also be the most versatile because it amplifies the power of other stones, and is used for healing, clarifying, transforming, and energizing. Easy to cleanse, and is good for receiving and dispelling energy. Quartz crystal is supposed to teach a person on their own level, in their own time, and opens the crown chakra.

Raspberry Quartz

Raspberry Quartz has a raspberry tinge due to the inclusion of lepidocrite, hematite, goethite, or amethyst. It assists in clearing and activating the seven major chakras.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is to help give and receive love. Rose quartz is naturally a pale pink colour, but is often dyed to be a brighter pink. This quartz will be the brighter dyed variety.

Green Aventurine


Rainbow Flourite

Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralise negative emotions. It is also said to help increases concentration and decision-making capabilities.

SodaliteSodalite is said to bring emotional balance, self-acceptance, and thus increases spiritual perception. It is said to tie the head and heart together, harmonising logic and intuition.

Tiger Iron

Tiger iron has bands of tiger-eye, hematite and sometimes jasper. This combination makes it a powerful stone to have. It is a very physical stone and gives the body endurance. It is a good stone for grounding, protection, and self-healing.


Bronzite has a high energy resonance making it a great stone for this fast-paced modern world. It's used to gain certainty and goal-setting, not allowing one to be distracted. It is said to be useful in balancing the Sacral Chakra and in opening the root chakra.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones, said to be a stabilising and securing stone. The yellow color is linked to the brightness of the sun, and is said to ease emotional distress and help you remember the good things in life.

Carnelian Carnelian is one of the most powerful action stones, a driving force of realization and self-motivation! Banishes depression and helps see the "now" of things so that you can get working. Protects against negative energies. The Egyptians combined this stone with lapis lazuli and turquoise to protect against envy and anger.


Sea Opal

HematiteMagnetic hematite is a stone that harmonises the body and mind and is used for protection against negative energy.

Amethyst Amethyst is said to prevent drunkenness in Greek lore. The story goes that Dionysus, the god of wine and drunkenness, was pursuing a maiden named Amethystos. Amethystos had no interest in Dionysus, however, so Amethystos prayed to the gods to remain chaste. The goddess Artemis granted her wish and transformed her into quartz. Humbled by Amethystos's decision, Dionysus poured wine over the stone as an offering, forever tainting the quartz purple.

Stuff We Like: The Recyclery Community Bicycle Project

The Recyclery Community Bicycle Project

"The Recyclery Collective seeks to build community through the restoration of donated and discarded bicycles. We share resources and knowledge in order to support an affordable, independent, and sustainable mode of transportation. In this spirit of education and mutual aid, we encourage discussion about how our transportation choices affect the health of our communities and our environment."

--The Recyclery Mission Statement

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Friday, September 10, 2010

DIY T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial

I'm up-posting this tutorial for a DIY t-shirt scarf. Sarah and I will be leaving for Europe in February, and we've been purging our closets (and dorm room) of as much unwanted clothing, books, and misc that we can. We've got an abundance of t-shirts that we never wear, but we can't bring ourselves to throw them away. Instead, we'll be using the aforementioned tutorial to make scarves out of our old t-shirts.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Persica: A Beautiful Shop with a Worthy Cause

By Jessie Guilford

Etsy Shop:

What struck me about Jessie Guilford and her beautiful shop, Persica, was the similarities Persica shares with Uncovered Artistry. Persica was founded by a business college student, like Angie and I (both business majors ourselves) who founded UA. Persica also donates 20% of profits from a few of her pieces to a domestic violence organization, just as UA is dedicated to empowering domestic abuse survivors.

With that said, please take a look at Persica's unique and gorgeous paintings, drawings, and jewelry at her shop!

What do you make?
I make necklaces and paintings primarily, but I'm always experimenting with new media.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?
I'm inspired by materials. I'm currently in love with brass chain, amazonite, ink and white-out. Sometimes I find things that I know just have to be part of my art.

How did you become involved in your work?
I've always been making things, but last year I started selling my work on Etsy. I'm a currently a business student, and I felt like getting my hands dirty I guess!

What are you doing to help your community through your work?
I donate 20% of the profits from my drawings and paintings to the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence. I chose this particular organization because they work on a national level, but they also collaborate with local organizations. The NCDSV works with law enforcement and health care professionals, training them so that they can better help victims of violence. You can find out more about them here:

Why did you decide to make a difference through your Etsy shop?
Being involved in good causes is something really important to me, whether it be through donating, raising awareness, or just acting thoughtfully. It felt right to incorporate that belief into my Etsy shop on some level. I'm still a fledgling shop, but in the future I hope to do more.

What is your favorite item that you make?
How to choose? Almost all of my items are one of a kind, so I enjoy each one as I make it, but I find painting the most relaxing.

Resale Shopping Tips

When you step through the doors of Goodwill, you suddenly feel very lost. The rows upon rows of clothing are daunting, and when you pull out a fuchsia top you think might have potential there is a giant stain on the front. You think to yourself, what am I doing here? I'd be so much easier to just go to the mall!

That is how I felt anyway when I first embarked on my quest to find inexpensive yet fashionable resale clothing. I have compiled a list of tips for the resale that you don't become overwhelmed and head to the mall instead!

Problem: It takes such a long time to dig through all those clothes


Look for labels. If you keep your eyes open for JCrew, Banana Republic, LL Bean, Express, etc you won't have to inspect every single garment. While a designer label won't guarantee a good find, it will at least narrow your options to clothing you know is well made.
Get a cart. Once you do, you'll have both hands free, making it easier and faster to check out that rack of sweaters.

Go to a resale boutique. Unlike Goodwill or thrift shops, a resale boutique has already picked out the good-quality, stylish clothing for you. Shopping in a resale boutique is a lot like shopping in the mall.

Secret Resale Finds (a few things I discovered):
-shoes and outerwear (they are classic pieces and are usually in better condition that tops and bottoms)
-purses (I found a Gucci leather bag for $2 at Goodwill. Enough said)
-go for the classics (like sweaters and button-downs) while shopping at Goodwill or a thrift shop. These stores typically sell a lot of outdated clothing, but sweaters and button-downs really haven't changed for years.