Monday, April 25, 2011

Meet an Artist: Erin

Uncovered Artistry artisan Erin creates origami ornaments and original watercolors. Her unique signature is the translucent lettering she stamps on her work. See if you can find the lettering on each of the pieces she sell in UA's shop:

Erin sells "Yellow Apple" Miniature Watercolor, Dove Origami Ornament and "Red Apple" Miniature Watercolor.

Want to get to know a little bit more about Erin? She says, "I love my mom, MMM Bop, blue, hot chocolate, warm blankets, my Nana, Burn Notice, starfish, my mom's meatloaf, pretty things, my five brothers, and brains. I am proud to be an all around geek. I’m a psychology major and a school-aholic. When I’m not studying I try to exercise the right hemisphere of my brain by creating. I dabble in music, writing, painting, clay, drawing, and Origami. My way of coping with my tough childhood is to keep busy. I try channel my focus on something positive and constructive. When I get down, and it can be hard not to at times, I just remember my goals in life and how my success would be the greatest vengeance against my abuser, and an encouragement for others who have been in similar situations."

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