Thursday, June 24, 2010

“Buy” a Donation to Prevent Domestic Violence

Uncovered Artistry has officially opened shop! Available for “purchase” on our website ( are donations to prevent domestic violence. You can buy a $10 donation to Uncovered Artistry to “Provide a Survivor with a Loan to Start Her Business.” Your donation will help Uncovered Artistry provide micro-loans to its artisans. Micro-loans, which are small loans that range from $25-$300, give artisans the initial capital they need to start their businesses with Uncovered Artistry Boutique. You can also purchase at $25 donation to a domestic violence shelter. The “Give a Victim a Place to Stay” donation will support a domestic violence shelter, which provides temporary housing, counseling, and support for domestic violence victims.

These two new donation options are Uncovered Artistry’s first step to selling online. We are currently in the process of reviewing artisan applications and are hopeful that our shop will soon be filled with beautiful artisan work!

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