Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Resale Shopping Tips

When you step through the doors of Goodwill, you suddenly feel very lost. The rows upon rows of clothing are daunting, and when you pull out a fuchsia top you think might have potential there is a giant stain on the front. You think to yourself, what am I doing here? I'd be so much easier to just go to the mall!

That is how I felt anyway when I first embarked on my quest to find inexpensive yet fashionable resale clothing. I have compiled a list of tips for the resale that you don't become overwhelmed and head to the mall instead!

Problem: It takes such a long time to dig through all those clothes


Look for labels. If you keep your eyes open for JCrew, Banana Republic, LL Bean, Express, etc you won't have to inspect every single garment. While a designer label won't guarantee a good find, it will at least narrow your options to clothing you know is well made.
Get a cart. Once you do, you'll have both hands free, making it easier and faster to check out that rack of sweaters.

Go to a resale boutique. Unlike Goodwill or thrift shops, a resale boutique has already picked out the good-quality, stylish clothing for you. Shopping in a resale boutique is a lot like shopping in the mall.

Secret Resale Finds (a few things I discovered):
-shoes and outerwear (they are classic pieces and are usually in better condition that tops and bottoms)
-purses (I found a Gucci leather bag for $2 at Goodwill. Enough said)
-go for the classics (like sweaters and button-downs) while shopping at Goodwill or a thrift shop. These stores typically sell a lot of outdated clothing, but sweaters and button-downs really haven't changed for years.


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