Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lighboxes, Etc: Improving Your Photos

Before Sarah and I began Uncovered Artistry Boutique (, we spent a little over a year running our Etsy shop ( We struggled with photographs. They would always come out too dark, too blurry, to dull, too washed-out or a combination of these! And everybody knows that good photos are they key to success for an online shop.

So when we began Uncovered Artistry this summer, we decided to eliminate our photography woes by finally (We really procrastinated on this one) creating a lightbox.

our lightbox, created using cardboard box, tape, paper, sheer fabric, and a sheet

And it was a miracle! Our photos turned out beautiful (with very little editing to be done afterward).
We used this article to help guide us.

TIP1: Use a a sheet for over the top of your lightbox. We started off with a pillowcase, but that was too thick and yielded dark photos.

TIP2: If you have Windows Live Photo Gallery (it comes free on PCs) the "Auto Adjust Tool" is often amazingly helpful. But don't always take what it gives you automatically because sometimes it can make things a little weird.

TIP3: MAKE A LIGHTBOX! You'll be very happy you did.


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