Monday, July 19, 2010

Top 10 Most Useful Articles for Your Etsy Shop and Website

As an Etsy shop owner and founder of a new non-profit online boutique I’ve done hours upon hours of online research on just about every aspect of my businesses. Now I want to pass on this valuable information to you! Below is a list of my top ten most useful articles to help grow and develop your Etsy business. Above all though, the #1 best way to success is experience and A LOT of hard work!

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1. How to Make an Inexpensive Light Tent- Absolutely the best advice I can give anyone struggling with photos! I used to wait for the right light, the right day, and the right location to take my pictures. Now I just flip on the desk lamp over my light box and get going! And the pictures hardly need any editing. Did I mention I have a tiny, inexpensive digital camera too? See it to believe it! Look below for photographs I took with the new light box.

2. Selling Your Work Wholesale: Tips, Resources, and Links- This is a forum post I wrote a few months back that features a compilation of useful tips and articles for the crafter who is ready to go wholesale.

3. Why Your Story is Everything- In the handmade sector, your story really is everything. You aren’t just selling your products, you are selling yourself! This podcast is a good reminder of this and gives its listeners some sound advice on creating and communicating your own unique story. To see an example of Uncovered Artistry’s story follow this link:

4. 100 Blog Followers in One Month: Tips for Getting new Blog Followers- Written by a fellow Etsy seller, this forum post has great advice for getting followers to your blog. Plus you gotta love this author! Her blog is one of the most interesting I’ve ran across.

5. Maintain Confidence in a Competitive Market- An inspiring article that helped me get out of a rut.

6. How to Take Better Photographs- A couple articles with some sound advice on improving your shop’s photographs.

7. 8 Ways to Jump Start Your Business-I came across this helpful and inspiring article while browsing the web. "8 Ways to Jump Start Your Business" provides helpful tips for business owners, big and small. My favorite tip, which I feel we could have used when we started SuaVoce more than a year ago, reads "define your niche."

8. Get Inspired! Four Useful Tips for Etsy Business Owners- Writing this post was actually a great way to motivate myself. I hope it proves useful to others too!

9. Resources (that really work!) for Writing a Press Release- You might not know it, but sending a press release to your local newspaper, who will publish it for free, is an excellent way to market your business. My sister compiled these articles when she wrote the press release for our non-profit. For at least two weeks, friends, family, and strangers couldn’t stop talking about it!

10. Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design- An inspiring read for all us crafters and Etsy-sellers!

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